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Examination and Evaluation Analysis of Static and Dynamic Load Test for Long-span Pedestrian Bridge(PDF)


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Examination and Evaluation Analysis of Static and Dynamic Load Test for Long-span Pedestrian Bridge
CHEN Feng WANG Jian-hua HU Qing-an HU Da-lin ZHU Hao
School of Highway, Chang'an University, Xi'an 710064, Shaanxi, China
pedestrian bridge static and dynamic load test examination security evaluation damage diagnosis synthesis evaluation
A static and dynamic load test examination for Chang'an University Pedestrian Bridge was carried out. In view of the structural characteristic of pedestrian bridge and the result of appearance examination, the finite element simulation analysis model for the pedestrian bridge was established based on structural damage detection and bearing capacity evaluation theory, and the test examination scheme of static and dynamic load was designed. Meanwhile, the bearing capacity and security evaluation, the health examination as well as the damage diagnosis process for this kind of bridge were analyzed and introduced through the condition visual inspection, and the result contrast analysis between the static and dynamic load empirical datum with the numerical simulation ones was done. After providing the synthesis evaluation for its structure performance and the running condition, the further proposed maintaining scheme was given in terms of structural damage and disease characteristics. The results show that the bridge behavior is in good condition although its stress status is complicated.


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