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Seismic Damage Assessment Model of Form of Elastic Deformation Energy(PDF)


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Seismic Damage Assessment Model of Form of Elastic Deformation Energy
WANG Quan-feng LIU Liang-lin SHEN Zhang-chun
School of Civil Engineering, Huaqiao University, Quanzhou 362021, Fujian, China
skeleton ductility coefficient seismic damage damage assessment
Aimed at the defects of the classic seismic damage assessment model, a model based on form of elastic deformation energy was proposed and the models based on the classic park seismic and the ductility were listed. Taking the complexity of the hysteretic process into account, the hysteretic process was changed into the static state based on the simplification of skeleton curves. Then, a new seismic damage evaluation model was built from the point of energy. According to the data from destructive experiments of four columns, comparisons were executed among the three models. The results show that the new model which is corrective and feasible can overcome the defects of the classic seismic damage assessment model.


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