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Damage Identification of Single Tower Cable-stayed Bridge Based on Wavelet Analysis of Curvature Mode(PDF)


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Damage Identification of Single Tower Cable-stayed Bridge Based on Wavelet Analysis of Curvature Mode
GUAN De-qing SHI Li-cheng
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Changsha University of Science & Technology, Changsha 410076, Hunan, China
curvature mode wavelet analysis single tower cable-stayed bridge finite element method damage identification
Based on the wavelet analysis theory and finite element method, the damage identification method of the curvature modes for beams was presented. The model of finite element method for the single tower cable-stayed bridge was established. The vibration characteristics of beam could be obtained by means of finite element analysis. The curvature modes were analyzed using continuous wavelet transform by Mexh wavelet on multiple scales, and the position of the crack could be identified by the modulus maximum of the wavelet coefficients. A damage identification method based on wavelet analysis of curvature mode was built, which was applied to single tower cable-stayed bridge. The results show that the method is avaliable and can provide reference for damage identification in different bridges.


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