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Research Progress of Seismic Collapse Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Structures Based on Damage Criteria(PDF)


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Research Progress of Seismic Collapse Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Structures Based on Damage Criteria
PAN Yuan LIU Bo-quan XING Guo-hua WU Tao
School of Civil Engineering, Chang'an University, Xi'an 710061, Shaanxi, China
reinforced concrete frame structure damage criterion displacement ductility collapse cumulative damage identification
In order to further study the seismic collapse resistance of reinforced concrete structures, a summary of existing experimental investigation and theoretical analysis of seismic collapse resistance of building structures at home and abroad was presented. The state-of-the-art of studies on damage criterion of earthquake resistant structures for the collapse analysis was analyzed emphatically. Based on the summary of previous research, the existing problems of seismic collapse resistance of reinforced concrete frame structures based on damage criteria were addressed and pointed out for further study. That collapse criteria and damage assessment indexes of reinforced concrete frame structures should be determined based on member damage criteria were suggested. The research results can serve as a theoretical basis for further calculation analysis and quantitative design on seismic collapse resistance of reinforced concrete structures.


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