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Bending Behavior Experiment of Damage RC T-beams with Steel Plate and Concrete Composite Strengthening(PDF)


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Bending Behavior Experiment of Damage RC T-beams with Steel Plate and Concrete Composite Strengthening
WANG Chun-sheng GAO Shan REN Teng-xian XU Yue
Key Laboratory for Bridge and Tunnel of Shaanxi Province, Chang'an University, Xi'an 710064, Shaanxi, China
bridge engineering steel plate and concrete composite strengthening reinforced concrete T-beam bending capacity damage
In order to study the bending behavior of steel plate and concrete composite strengthening T-beam under static loads, bending capacity experiments of two damaged RC T-beams with steel plate and concrete composite strengthening(SPCCS)were carried out, and the ultimate bending capacity and mechanical behavior of the specimen were obtained, and the flexural failure mechanism of reinforced concrete(RC)T-beams with SPCCS was summarized. Then, a finite element model of RC T-beams with SPCCS was established, furthermore, the nonlinear static calculation was presented. Results show that the numerical results of nonlinear static analysis are in good agreement with the experiment results. The ultimate bending capacity can be calculated by plastic analysis method, it can be illustrated that the calculation results are in good accordance with the experiment results.


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