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Influence of Stochastic Mechanical Parameters on Meso-damage Evolution of Concrete(PDF)


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Influence of Stochastic Mechanical Parameters on Meso-damage Evolution of Concrete
FENG Mao-dong12 LI Jian-bo1 LIN Gao1 LIU Zhi-guang1
1. Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, Liaoning, China; 2. Dalian Urban Development Design Co., Ltd, Dalian 116012, Liaoning, China
concrete integrated random parameter mesoscopic numerical simulation mesoscopic damage correlation coefficient
Based on the mesoscopic random aggregate model and brittle-damage constitutive model, the influences of random parameters, such as elastic modulus, tension-compression strength and their combinations on the macro tension-compression strength of specimen were studied. Results show that separately considering the random distribution of elastic modulus and strength, more reasonable tension-compression damage curve of specimen is obtained by utilizing the product of the strength and elastic modulus as integrated random parameter of the meso-element. Furthermore, the correlation coefficient is introduced to reflect the relationship between the strength and elastic modulus, the obtained numerical result shows a good coincidence with the experiment result.


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