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Structural Damage Identification Based on Intrinsic Mode Function Vibration Transmissibility(PDF)


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Structural Damage Identification Based on Intrinsic Mode Function Vibration Transmissibility
GU Jian-zu HAO Wen-feng LUO Ying TANG Can
Chinese Machinery Industry Key Laboratory for Mechanical Structure Damage Detection Technology, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, Jiangsu, China
empirical mode decomposition intrinsic mode function vibration transmissibility damage identification glass curtain wall
A novel structural damage identification method without excitation measurement was proposed. Empirical mode decomposition(EMD)was applied to structural damage identification. Through seeking the vibration transmissibility of vibration response signal intrinsic mode function(IMF), a set of structural damage identification parameters were constructed. Through the dynamic testing on different pre-damage degrees of glass curtain walls, the intrinsic mode function vibration transmissibilities under different damage degrees were got in terms of the differences of vibration transmissibility to identify and assess the damage degrees of glass curtain walls. Study results show that compared with traditional methods, this method can accurately identify the structural damage without excitation measurement. The severity of damage can be assessed through the damage parameter values.


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