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Seismic Performance Evaluation of Earthquake Damaged Structures Considering Rebar Corrosion(PDF)


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Seismic Performance Evaluation of Earthquake Damaged Structures Considering Rebar Corrosion
ZHANG Yu LI Hong-nan LI Gang
Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, Liaoning, China
rebar corrosion earthquake damaged structure seismic performance evaluation time history static elasto-plastic analysis capacity spectrum
A method of evaluating the seismic performance of an earthquake damaged structure considering the influence of rebar corrosion was proposed, and the changes in structural seismic performance of the reinforced concrete structure considering rebar corrosion and earthquake action were analyzed. Through a numerical example, the validity and feasibility of this method were verified; then, the capacity spectrum curves of the damaged structure were got, after contrasting this capacity spectrum curves to those of a perfect structure. Results show that there is a great influence caused by earthquake damage and rebar corrosion on the seismic performance of the reinforced concrete structure. The seismic performance evaluation of an earthquake damaged structure considering rebar corrosion is necessary.


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