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Wind-induced Fatigue Performance Analysis of Roof Gird Structure of Natatorium in Wuhan Sports Center(PDF)


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Wind-induced Fatigue Performance Analysis of Roof Gird Structure of Natatorium in Wuhan Sports Center
LIU Hui ZHA Qi-bin WANG Xue-liang
Hubei Key Laboratory of Roadway Bridge & Structure Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology
gird structure wind-induced fatigue stiffness reduced fatigue performance Miner damage criteria
Taking the roof gird structure of the natatorium in Wuhan Sports Center as the study object, the fatigue performance under random wind load was analyzed. Firstly, based on the wind tunnel test results and the numerical simulation, the wind load acted on structure was obtained, then the strain time history was analyzed by ANSYS. The strain cycles history was counted by rain-flow counting algorithms. Finally, the total cumulative damage and fatigue life of members were calculated based on Miner damage criteria. A program was worked out to calculate the wind-induced fatigue damage and fatigue life of all members of gird structure under different conditions. In order to study the fatigue performance of the damaged structure, the vulnerable members under different wind directions were found. The stiffnesses of members were assumed to decrease firstly the fatigue performance of the undamaged and damaged structure under the design wind speed and normal wind speed were analyzed. The results indicate that there are members with fatigue damage occurrence when undamaged structure under design wind load. As the structural stiffness decreases, the number of fatigue damage members increases considerably. Even in the normal wind speed, with the structural stiffness reduces, there are fatigue damage members occurrence within the 100 years of the service life. Therefore, for the gird structure, especially when the structure works with damage, wind-induced fatigue is a huge security hazard to the structure, and should be paid more attention.



Last Update: 2018-11-22