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Calculated Method of Damage Index for Reinforced Concrete Pier Under Earthquake Action(PDF)


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Calculated Method of Damage Index for Reinforced Concrete Pier Under Earthquake Action
CAO Xiao-bo WANG Wen-wei SONG Yuan-yin TIAN Jun
School of Transportation, Southeast University
reinforced concrete pier damage model statistical analysis damage state damage index
In order to study the validity of exiting damage models for evaluating the damaged states of reinforced concrete (RC) piers, six representative damage models were calculated and analyzed by using 72 reinforced concrete piers with low frequency cyclic loading test. The influence of empirical damage degree identification method based on damage state on damage degree discrimination was explored by combining qualitative and quantitative methods. Considering the maximum deformation and cumulative energy dissipation of reinforced concrete piers, a two-parameter damage model was proposed, and the determined method of model parameters under ideal failure mode was given. Based on the statistical analysis method, the characteristic damage state and damage degree interval of reinforced concrete piers were determined. The results show that the damage index growth trend of the proposed twoparameter damage model is basically consistent with Park-Ang damage model in the early and middle stages of loading; the damage index increases rapidly in the late stage of loading, which has a certain rationality, and the distinction degree of characteristic damage state is relatively high. The variation coefficients of damage models with the damage states of concrete cover slight crushing, concrete significant peeling and longitudinal bar buckling of RC piers, are all large. However, the variation coefficients of damage index under the limit state of RC piers are small comparatively. Each damage model has its own advantages in determining the damage state. Each damage model has its own advantages in identifying the characteristic damage state, and the judgment of minor damage state and moderate damage also needs some experience accumulation.



Last Update: 2019-01-23