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High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Long-span Double-deck Steel Truss Beam Suspension Bridge Under Tanker Fire(PDF)


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High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Long-span Double-deck Steel Truss Beam Suspension Bridge Under Tanker Fire
(Hubei Urban Construction Design Institute Co.,Ltd., Wuhan 430051, Hubei, China)
double-deck highway suspension bridge tanker fire heat release rate temperature field damage time buckling instability rescue time
In order to acquire the failure characteristics of long-span double-deck steel truss girder suspension bridge under tanker fire, Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan was taken as an example, and the fire dynamics software FDS was used to simulate seven different fire burning scenarios on the bridge, so as to determine the most unfavorable growth model and scale of the bridge tanker fire heat release rate function. A three-dimensional spatial thermal analysis model of double-deck highway suspension bridge was established. The three-dimensional transient temperature field distribution laws when tanker fire occurred in different parts of bridge were confirmed though thermal analysis. Through thermal-structure coupling analysis, the time-varying characteristics of high temperature mechanical properties of suspension cables, stiffening beams and truss bars of double-deck steel truss suspension bridge were mastered. The results show that when a tanker fire happens in the upper outer lane of midspan of the main span under dead load and live load with 36 min, the temperature of sling reaches 900 ℃, and sling stress increases to 362.4 MPa which is equal to sling tensile strength at high temperature. At this time, the sling breaks, and the damage of the sling is mainly due to the degradation of tensile strength at high temperature. The best time for fire rescue in this scenario is within 16 min. When a tanker fire happens in the lower non-motorized lane of midspan of the main span with 43 min, the critical buckling stress coefficient of the upper beam web was reduces below 1, and the failure characteristics of the bridge was local buckling instability rather than strength or displacement failure. The best fire rescue time should be within 20 min under this scenario.


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