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Identification for Weld Crack Damage of Spatial Structural Welded Joints(PDF)


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Identification for Weld Crack Damage of Spatial Structural Welded Joints
LIU Hui ZHU Sheng-nan SHEN Shao-ding WANG Xue-liang
(Hubei Key Laboratory of Roadway Bridge & Structure Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, China)
weld crack equivalent model damage identification spatial structure welded joint
Aiming at the problem that the welded joints of space structures being prone to damage, in order to identify the weld crack damage of welded space structural joints, the equivalent model of weld damage was established, and a two-step damage identification method was proposed to consider the characteristics of welded space structures with many joints and bars. Firstly, the three-dimensional solid finite element model of spherical joints with weld crack damage was established, and the weld crack width was partitioned. Then the relationship between the weld crack width and the stiffness coefficient of joints was analyzed. Finally, the stiffness coefficient of welded spherical joints with different crack widths was equivalent to the stiffness of spring, which was applied to the end of the rod as a spring restraint. Therefore, the equivalent finite element model of crack damage of welded joints was established. After establishing the equivalent model, the two-step method was used to identify the location of weld damage joints. Firstly, the structure was divided into several zones, and the zone containing weld damage joints was identified by wavelet analysis method. Then, based on the equivalent model, the strain modes were extracted as damage indicators to locate the weld damaged joints in the damaged zone. The results show that the equivalent model of weld crack damage can simulate the actual structural joint with weld crack damage. The proposed equivalent model of joint weld damage established is easy to extract damage indicators. The two-step method can identify location of the damaged joint of welded spatial structures.


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