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Failure Analysis of Transmission Line Subjected to Wind Loading and Monitoring Scheme(PDF)


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Failure Analysis of Transmission Line Subjected to Wind Loading and Monitoring Scheme
XIAO Kai1 FU Xing2 LEI Xu1 WANG Jia2 XIE Wen-ping1 LI Hong-nan2 NIE Ming1
(1. Electric Power Research Institute of Guangdong Power Grid Co. Ltd., Guangzhou 510080, Guangdong, China; 2. Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, Liaoning, China)
transmission tower-line system failure mechanism nonlinear static analysis health monitoring
In order to study the wind resistance performance of transmission lines and on-site monitoring scheme, the wind resistance capacity of the whole tension section was simulated by ANSYS software. Based on the engineering background of two practical transmission lines in Guangdong Province, the finite element models of two tension-resistant sections were established. By applying wind loads on the model and continuously adjusting the wind speed, the non-linear static collapse analysis was completed, and the influence of the potential worst wind attack angle mentioned in the code was studied. Based on the information of stress nephogram and mode shape, the layout scheme of strain and acceleration sensor was designed. Through analyzing the measured acceleration data, the first two order frequencies of 32# tower in two horizontal directions were obtained. The results show that 124# tower in tension section 121# -129# was damaged firstly. The most isadvantageous attack angle was 90°. The critical collapse wind speed was 34.91 m·s-1, which was very close to the design wind speed of 35 m·s-1. 32# tower is the first failure tower in tension section 30#-34#, and the most disadvantageous wind attack angle is 60°, as well as the critical collapse wind speed is 45.6 m·s-1, which is larger than the designed wind speed of 35 m·s-1. This is because the double split conductor is used in the design, while the single conductor is used in the actual project. The relative error between the measured results and the finite element simulation results is less than 10%, which shows the reliability of the monitoring data. The connection main material up and down the changing slope, connection main material above tower body diaphragm and main material of tower legs are the firstly yielded members of tower. The areas where the stress of the main material is larger often coincide with the changes of the cross-section specifications of the main material. Therefore, attention should be paid to these locations in the design and monitoring of the main material.


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