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Dynamic Response of RC Bridge Pier Under Vehicle Impact Load(PDF)


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Dynamic Response of RC Bridge Pier Under Vehicle Impact Load
ZHOU De-yuan LIU Chang-xun
(Department of Disaster Mitigation for Structures, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China)
concrete bridge pier vehicle impact dynamic response damage parameter analysis
Through LS-DYNA, the finite element model of reinforced concrete(RC)pier under horizontal impact was established, and the finite element modeling technology and the value of relevant parameters were briefly introduced. By comparing with the results of horizontal impact test, two kinds of commonly used constitutive models of concrete and reinforcement were verified, so the validity of the finite element results was verified. The failure mechanism of the bridge pier under the impact of equivalent vehicles was further studied, and the influence parameters related to the dynamic response and damage degree of the bridge pier were analyzed. The results show that for the horizontal impact test, the finite element model established by MAT_SCHWER_MURRAY_CAP_ MODEL(145#)concrete and MAT_PLASTIC_KINEMATIC(3#)reinforced material model can more accurately reflect the dynamic characteristics, shear failure mode and damage distribution of RC piers under the impact of equivalent vehicles. Under the impact of equivalent vehicles, the damage accumulation of concrete is mainly concentrated in the shear zone at the pier bottom, while no obvious damage accumulation occurs in other parts of the pier. Parameter analysis shows that increasing the impact mass can significantly increase the peak value of impact load, pier deformation and damage degree. Increasing the impact position will change the failure mode of pier from local shear failure to global bending(or bending shear)failure. Under the same impact impulse, the peak value of impact load, pier deformation and energy consumption will increase with the increase of impact velocity.


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