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Precast Component Division and Seismic Damage Analysis of PC Isolated Frame(PDF)


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Precast Component Division and Seismic Damage Analysis of PC Isolated Frame
DU Yong-feng12 CHI Pei-hong1
(1. Institute of Earthquake Protection and Disaster Mitigation, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou 730050, Gansu, China; 2. International Research Base on Seismic Mitigation and Isolation of Gansu Province, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou 730050, Gansu, China)
PC isolated frame precast component division seismic performance inter-story drift angle structural damage
In order to study the effect of different precast member division methods on seismic performance of precast concrete(PC)isolation frame, three precast component division modes of PC isolation frame were selected considering different joint connect positions. Division mode 1 was integral prefabrication of beam-column joints, division mode 2 was integral prefabrication of multi-story columns and joints, division mode 3 was traditional post-poured connection of beam-column joints. By using the finite element software ABAQUS,PCIF-1, PCIF-2,PCIF-3 and the corresponding cast-in-place concrete isolated frame RCIF of five-story assembled isolation frame with three different division modes were established respectively, the structural deformation, inter-story drift angle and damage energy dissipation under earthquake were compared and analyzed. The results show that compared with cast-in-place concrete isolated frame,the stiffness of PC isolated frame is weaker. Under the rare earthquake, the inter-story displacement and bearing deformation of assembled isolation frame increase, the damage of superstructure is more serious, and the damage of isolation layer increases slightly. Under different division modes, the damage situation and location distribution of PC isolated frames are different. The cast-in-place structure is concentrated in the bottom column ends, and the connection interface of the assembled structure is relatively weak and the stress is relatively large. The PC isolated frames PCIF-1 and PCIF-2 can satisfy the seismic requirements and have good mechanical performance. Considering of the stress of the structure and the convenience of construction, it is suggested to use division mode 1 to split the precast component of the PC isolated frame.


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