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Improved Method for Optimal Design of Overall Bearing Capacity Optimization of Frame Structures(PDF)


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Improved Method for Optimal Design of Overall Bearing Capacity Optimization of Frame Structures
LIU Jiadaren12 YANG Lyu-feng1 ZHANG Wei1 FENG Ying-qi3
1. Key Laboratory of Engineering Disaster Prevention and Structural Safety of Ministry of Education, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004, Guangxi, China; 2. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton T6G1H9, Alberta,
overall bearing capacity enhanced iteration coefficient optimal design elastic modulus reduction method
In order to solve the problems existing in the optimal design of the overall bearing capacity of frame structures, the adjustment method of geometric parameters of rectangular and I-shaped sections under the combination of multiple internal forces was studied and established. By introducing the enhanced iteration coefficient, an improved method for the optimal design of overall bearing capacity of frame structure was proposed. Firstly, the damage evolution process of the frame structure under the combined internal force was analyzed by the elastic modulus reduction method, and the bearing capacity requirements of the frame structure at both the component and the overall level were determined. Then, the enhanced iteration coefficient was put forward and the value was determined, and the section strength was adjusted accordingly. The accelerated iterative scheme for the optimization design of the overall bearing capacity of the structure was established, which could ensure the safety requirements of the frame structure at both the component level and the overall level, and optimized the structural consumables. At the same time, in order to update the section strength adjustment in the structural calculation model, the geometric parameters adjustment formulas of rectangular and I-shaped sections under the combined action of multiple internal forces were established, which could be used to adjust the geometric parameters of cross-section according to the requirements of section strength adjustment. Finally, the rationality of the proposed method was verified by comparing with the full stress optimization criterion method. The results show that using the method of adjusting the geometric parameters of the member section and the accelerated iterative scheme, the convergence speed of the proposed method is fast when the enhanced iteration coefficient is 1.001-1.020, and the optimal design scheme of the frame with excellent bearing performance and economic performance can be obtained.


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