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Optimization Research on Deep Foundation Pit Shear Bond Supporting Model(PDF)


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Optimization Research on Deep Foundation Pit Shear Bond Supporting Model
SHEN Hong1 XU Wen-bo1 DONG Zhi-wei1 LEI Mei-qing2 YU Xiu-ling1
1. School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, China; 2. Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan 430071, Hubei, China
deep foundation pit shear bond supporting model horizontal displacement of pile top pile bending moment supporting form
In order to find the optimal form of deep foundation pit shear bond supporting model based on the conception and model test of the shear bond supporting system in the early stage, a scheme including 3 tests for various combinations of shear bonds and vertical piles was designed. In the process of simulating the foundation pit excavation, the horizontal displacement of the pile top, the internal force of the pile body and the settlement of the fill surface were monitored, and the finite element numerical simulations including 4 series and 12 sets of shear bond model plan were carried out. The results show that the shear bond supporting system which has the joint of the inclined pile and the waist beam close to upright pile is better than that with joint at the middle of the adjacent upright piles, the supporting system with the waist beam at the upper part of the upright piles is better than that at the middle or lower part of the upright piles, and the influence of the height of waist beam on supporting effect is greater than that of joint position between inclined pile and vertical pile. Supporting effect of the shear bond model is not positively correlated to the angle between inclined pile and vertical direction, and the larger the angle in practical engineering, the larger the underground space will be occupied, so it can be assumed that 30° will be an appropriate angle for the shear bond support system based on numerical simulations. Thus, the model group with joints connecting the oblique piles and the waist beam close to upright piles,the angle of 30° between inclined pile and vertical direction, and the waist beam at the upper part of the upright piles is considered to be a superior supporting system, which can be used for reference in the development and application of shear bond support technology.


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