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Analysis on Tensile Properties of Cemented Soil Compounded with Unequal Length Mixed Basalt Fiber(PDF)


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Analysis on Tensile Properties of Cemented Soil Compounded with Unequal Length Mixed Basalt Fiber
SHEN Chen12 ZHANG Ding-wen12 ZHANG Guo-long3 SONG Tao3 XU Hui-min4
(1. School of Transportation, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, Jiangsu, China; 2. National Demonstration Center for Experimental Road and Traffic Engineering Education, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, Jiangsu, China; 3. Anhui Survey & Design Institute of Water Resources & Hydropower Co., Ltd, Hefei 230088, Anhui, China; 4. Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., Wuhan 430000, Hubei, China)
cemented soil basalt fiber tensile strength micro-mechanism
In order to investigate the influence and strengthen mechanism of unequal length mixed basalt fiber on the tensile strength of cemented soil, fibers with length of 6,9,12 mm were selected to mixed. Uniaxial tensile test and scanning electron microscope test were carried out to investigate the variation laws and the micro-mechanism of peak tensile strength, residual tensile strength and toughness of cemented soil. The results show that the tensile stress-strain curves of cemented soil with fiber can be divided into four stages: elastic deformation stage, damage and failure stage, residual strength stage and final failure stage. During the damage and failure stage, the fiber slows down the stress loss rate of cemented soil. The peak tensile strength, residual tensile strength and toughness of cemented soil can be improved effectively by adding different lengths of basalt fiber. The peak and residual tensile strengths of cemented soil with 9 mm and 12 mm length mixed by 3:1 ratio are the highest. Fibers are overlapped and staggered in cemented soil to form a spatial network structure. The anchorage between fibers and cemented soil is the main mechanism to improve the tensile strength of cemented soil. When the fiber length is short, it is easy to be pulled out, and if the fiber length is too long, there is cluster phenomenon, which affects the enhancement effect of fiber on the tensile strength of cemented soil.


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