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Optimization Analysis of Sensor Layout for Structural Health Monitoring of Spatial Tube Truss(PDF)


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Optimization Analysis of Sensor Layout for Structural Health Monitoring of Spatial Tube Truss
WANG Xiu-li12 ZHANG Qiang12 RAN Yong-hong12
( 1. School of Civil Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou 730050, Gansu, China; 2. Western Engineering Research Center of Disaster Mitigation in Civil Engineering of Ministry of Education, Lanzhou University of Technology, Lanzhou 730050, Gansu, China)
spatial tube truss health monitoring key member sensor layout optimization analysis
Taking the space pipe truss roof of Linxia Stadium as the study object, the key members of the structure were found by small disturbance analysis method and load-carrying capacity analysis method. The structural response of the pipe truss roof structure under dynamic action was obtained by finite element analysis on model modality. The optimal sensor layout scheme was determined by combining the selected key members, including the type, number and location of sensors. The finite element analysis on the whole and local detail solid models of pipe truss roof structure was carried out. The whole process of local hoisting and overall unloading was simulated and analyzed by finite element solid model of pipe truss. At the same time, the optimum bearing capacity analysis method was applied to health monitoring of space pipe truss roof in stadium. The results of finite element simulation and actual monitoring were compared. The results show that the smaller the positioning deviation is, the better the coincidence between the measured data and the simulated values is. The type, quantity, location and installation accuracy of sensors will directly affect the logic of data analysis, and play a decisive role in the subsequent accurate evaluation of structural safety. The load-carrying capacity analysis method combined with structural dynamics sensor placement method is better than a single small disturbance score. The analysis method is more efficient and fast, and can accurately predict the possible damage location of space members, so as to carry out structural safety evaluation.


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