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Wind Resistance of Large-span Steel Box Arch-corrugated Steel-truss Composite Beam Arch Bridge(PDF)


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Wind Resistance of Large-span Steel Box Arch-corrugated Steel-truss Composite Beam Arch Bridge
TU Jun1 WANG Yu-yin23 LIU Yong-jian4 LIU Chang-yong23
1.Shenzhen Municipal Design&Research Institute Co,Ltd.,Shenzhen 518029,Guangdong,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Structures Dynamic Behavior and Control of Ministry of Education,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150090,Heilongjiang,China;3.Key Laboratory of Smart Prevention and Mitigation of CivilEngineering Disasters of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150090,Heilongjiang,China;
arch bridge wind resistance full bridge aeroelastic wind tunnel test acceleration
In order to study the wind resistance performance of the steel box arch-corrugated steel-truss composite beam arch bridge used in the Shenzhen Houhai Park cross-lake bridge, a full bridge aeroelastic model was designed and fabricated according to the ratio of 1:100 on the premise of ensuring similar Froude number, Cauchy number and density to the real bridge. The arch rib and primary beam were fabricated using steel to achieve similar stiffness. ABS garment was placed on outer of the arch rib and primary beam to ensure geometric similarity. Weight was added to ensure mass similarity of the arch rib and primary beam. The stiffness of hanger was simulated by the customized spring. The agreement of dynamic characteristics between the test model and the real bridge was verified by finite element calculation. The wind tunnel test of the full bridge aeroelastic model in terrain C and uniform flow filed was conducted to measure the acceleration responses of the arch rib and primary beam under different wind yaw angles(0°, 30°, 60°, 90°)and different wind attack angles(-3°, 0°, 3°). The results show that the wind yaw angle has a significant influence on the acceleration of the arch rib and primary beam. The larger the yaw angle is, the lower the acceleration response is. The wind attack angle has an insignificant influence on the acceleration response of the arch rib and primary beam. The vortex induced vibration of the arch rib and primary beam is not observed in the turbulent flow field, while it occurs in the uniform flow field. No flutter occurs when the test wind speed exceeds the flutter critical wind speed calculated by the code of Wind-resistant Deisgn Specification for Highway Bridges.


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