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Review on Property of Geopolymer Binder and Its Engineering Application(PDF)


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Review on Property of Geopolymer Binder and Its Engineering Application
ZHANG Ding-wen12 WANG An-hui12
1. School of Transportation, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, Jiangsu, China; 2. Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Urban Underground Engineering and Environmental Safety, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, Jiangsu, China
geopolymer microstructure mechanical property durability engineering application
In view of the preparation and application technology of geopolymer binder, the theoretical achievements and engineering applications of geopolymers were reviewed. In terms of theoretical achievements, in addition to basic theories on the reaction mechanism, structure and properties of geopolymers, the important factors influencing the structure and properties of geopolymers were systematically discussed. Regarding the engineering applications, the advances in the use of geopolymers in reinforced concrete structures, preparation of building blocks/bricks, and reinforcement of poor soils were comprehensively summarized. The results show that geopolymers are amorphous aluminosilicate gels with three-dimensional network structures, and their reaction process and structural characterization are different from those of ordinary Portland cement. Additionally, suitable types and concentrations of alkali activator, reasonable Si/Al and Na(K)/Al ratios, suitable amount of calcium components, and reasonable curing conditions can effectively improve the mechanical properties and durability of geopolymers. Geopolymer binders possess many excellent properties, have low-energy consumption, and produce low carbon emissions, which make them broad engineering application prospects in reinforced concrete structures, preparation of building blocks/bricks, and improvement of poor soils. However, the durability of reinforced geopolymer concrete members, geopolymer bricks/blocks, and geopolymer stabilized soils exposed to multiple environmental factors still need discussing and examining further.


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