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Dynamic Response of Frame Structure Under Earthquake and Uneven Settlement in Ground Fissure Site(PDF)


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Dynamic Response of Frame Structure Under Earthquake and Uneven Settlement in Ground Fissure Site
HUANG Hua GAO Yue QIAN Hai-zeng YANG Kun
School of Civil Engineering, Chang’an University, Xi’an 710061, Shaanxi, China
ground fissure frame structure earthquake uneven settlement dynamic response
Based on the frame structure that near the ground fissure f6 along Xi’an Metro Line 2 and the settlement of ground fissure site in recent 50 years, the finite element software ABAQUS was used to establish the interaction model of ground fissure site and superstructure. El Centro wave, Tangshan wave and Shanghai artificial wave were applied on the basis of settlement in different years. The variation law of ground surface peak acceleration was studied, and the changes of shear force and displacement angle of frame structure under the action of earthquake and uneven settlement were compared and analyzed. The results show that the peak ground acceleration of the foot wall has no obvious change with the setback distance under uneven settlement, and the peak ground acceleration of the hanging wall is reduced obviously. The shear time-history curves of the frame structure before and after settlement under three kinds of seismic waves are basically consistent, and the time when the positive and negative peak appears is also approximately consistent. The change law of inter-storey displacement angles of the hanging wall and the foot wall is similar, which decreases with the increase of setback distance. The closer the frame structure is to ground fissure, the more serious the damage of the frame structure is. The maximum inter-storey displacement angle of the foot wall is less affected by uneven settlement, and the variation range is less than 14%. The maximum inter-storey displacement angle of the hanging wall is greatly affected by uneven settlement, and the variation range is more than 50%. The variation range is the largest one under Shanghai artificial wave, which is 73%. The variation range of Tangshan wave comes second with 70%. The variation range is the smallest one under El Centro wave, which is 63%. Considering the uneven settlement of the ground crack site, the maximum value of horizontal seismic influence coefficient αmax of the frame structure should be adjusted to ensure the seismic safety of the structure.


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