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Study on Hysteretic Behavior and Variable Parameters of Prefabricated Beam Flange Side Plate Strengthened Dog Bone Weakened Joint(PDF)


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Study on Hysteretic Behavior and Variable Parameters of Prefabricated Beam Flange Side Plate Strengthened Dog Bone Weakened Joint
ZHENG Hong YANG Rui-peng DAI Yong-chao YU Shu-guang
School of Civil Engineering, Chang’an University, Xi’an 710061, Shaanxi, China
side plate strengthening dog bone weakening seismic performance hysteretic property
A new type of prefabricated beam flange side plate strengthened dog bone weakened joint was proposed, and the static and quasi-static loading analyses were carried out by using the finite element software ABAQUS. On this basis, a series of parameters of the new joints were analyzed, and three variable parameter series were designed, including the thickness of end plate td, the inclination length of trapezoidal side plate end lt, and the weakening depth of weakening zone c. The Influence of each parameter on the hysteretic performance of the joint was explored, and the design reference suggestions were given. The results show that in the process of static loading, a large amount of plastic deformation occurs in the weakening area of beam end and forms plastic hinge failure, which belongs to ductile failure; in the process of quasi-static loading, the hysteretic curve of the joint is full, which shows good energy dissipation capacity. The thickness of end plate td has a great influence on the hysteretic behavior of the joint, and plays a decisive role in the formation of the plastic hinge. It is suggested that the value of the end plate thickness td is tf≤td≤1.5tf(tf is the thickness of the column flange). The inclination angle of the trapezoidal side plate has a great influence on the bearing capacity and energy dissipation performance of the joint. The tangent value of the inclination angle is suggested to be 0.27≤tan(θ)≤0.59(θ is the end angle of the side plate). The influence of bearing capacity and energy dissipation capacity should be taken into account in the value of weakening depth c, and the value of weakening depth is suggested to be 0.18bf≤c≤0.25bf(bf is the width of beam flange).


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