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Axial Compression Carrying Capacity of Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete-filled Circular Steel Tubular Stub Columns(PDF)


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Axial Compression Carrying Capacity of Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete-filled Circular Steel Tubular Stub Columns
LIU Jian12 TIAN Yong13 LIU Chang-jiang12 ZHANG Peng-cheng1 JIANG Jin12 REN Da12 BAI Yu-xiang1 ZENG Rong-sen1
1. School of Civil Engineering, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou 510006, Guangdong, China; 2. Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Complicated Steel Construction, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou 510006, Guangdong, China; 3. Department of Mechanical an
RRACFCST stub column axial compression carrying capacity recycled coarse aggregate replacement rate theoretical derivation modeling analysis
In view of the poor ductility and low bearing capacity of recycled aggregate concrete(RAC)compared with ordinary concrete, using the restraint effect of steel pipe and reinforcement cage on RAC, the reinforced recycled concrete was poured into the circular steel tube to form reinforced recycled aggregate concrete-filled circular steel tubular(RRACFCST)stub columns. Based on the limit analysis method, hoop theory and twin shear unified strength theory, the double restraint effect of steel pipe and reinforcement cage were considered, and the calculation methods for axial compression bearing capacity of circular steel tube reinforced recycled concrete stub columns including steel tube diameter thickness ratio, restraint effect coefficient, steel ratio and replacement rate of recycled coarse aggregate were proposed. On the basis of theoretical derivation, the nonlinear of short column and the influence of slip between steel tube and recycled concrete was considered, the finite element software ABAQUS was used to model and analyze the circular steel tube reinforced recycled concrete stub column. The theoretical formula value, finite element simulation results and relevant literature test data were compared to verify the validity and applicability of the formula. The results show that the axial compression bearing capacity of recycled concrete filled circular steel tubular stub columns with reinforcement cage is about 10% higher than that of recycled concrete filled circular steel tubular stub columns. The research conclusion can provide a theoretical basis for practical engineering application.


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