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Experiment on Short-term Bending Creep Performance of Bamboo Scrimber(PDF)


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Experiment on Short-term Bending Creep Performance of Bamboo Scrimber
CHEN Si WEI Yang ZHAO Kun-peng HANG Chen ZHAO Kang
(College of Civil Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, Jiangsu, China)
bamboo scrimber short-term creep load level Burgers model
In order to study the bending creep performance of bamboo scrimber, creep tests were carried out on nine bamboo scrimber specimens under different load levels. The relation curve between the creep displacement and time of bamboo scrimber was obtained, and the variation law of creep growth rate and bending creep was obtained. According to the results, the variation rules of elastic deformation, viscoelastic deformation and viscous deformation in the bending creep test were analyzed, and the parameters of Burgers model with different load levels were determined, then the variation law of parameters influenced by load level was derived. A model for predicting bending creep of bamboo scrimber was proposed, and the results were in good agreement with the trend of the test curves. The study results show that the creep deformation increases with the passage of time. Under the action of lower load level, the deformation rate is low and the curve is gentle and stable as a whole. Under the action of higher load level, the creep deformation rate is faster. The growth rate of bending creep of bamboo scrimber increases gradually with the increase of time, and its growth rate presents a decelerating state.


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