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 QIN Shi-hong,ZHENG Hong-xiang,ZHANG Jing-jie,et al.Experimental Study on Out-of-plane Punching Shear Resistance of ALC Wall Panel with Hook Head Bolt Connection[J].Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering,2022,39(05):142-149.[doi:10.19815/j.jace.2021.10045]





Experimental Study on Out-of-plane Punching Shear Resistance of ALC Wall Panel with Hook Head Bolt Connection
(1. 重庆大学 山地城镇建设与新技术教育部重点实验室,重庆 400045; 2. 重庆大学 土木工程学院,重庆 400045; 3. 重庆市建筑科学研究院有限公司,重庆 400042)
QIN Shi-hong1, ZHENG Hong-xiang1, ZHANG Jing-jie2, FAN Shi-jie1, SONG Kai-wei2
(1. Key Laboratory of New Technology for Construction of Cities in Mountain Area of Ministry of Education, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China; 2. School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China; 3. Chongqing Construction Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., Chongqing 400042, China)
围护结构 平面外受力性能 拉拔试验 ALC墙板节点 钩头螺栓连接 冲切破坏
enclosure structure out-of-plane mechanical performance drawing test ALC wall pannel joint hook bolt connection punching failure
为了解节点的受力性能,对13块钩头螺栓连接的ALC墙板节点试件进行了平面外荷载试验和有限元模拟。结果表明:对于使用钩头螺栓连接的蒸压加气混凝土墙板,在风荷载平面外吸力或向墙板外侧的水平地震作用下,通过垫片传递荷载,最终形成冲切破坏,整个破坏过程大致可分为开裂前的线性阶段、开裂阶段以及最后的破坏阶段; 抗冲切承载力将随着节点区域横向钢筋数量增加或钢筋间距减小而加大; 墙板厚度可明显影响抗冲切承载力; 配置抗冲切短钢筋是提高抗冲切承载力的有效方式; 节点破坏是沿着垫片四周按一定角度发生的冲切破坏,板长度方向的冲切破坏角在67.23°~71.07°之间变化,平均值为69.35°; 板宽度方向的冲切角在61.67°~68.42°之间变化,平均值为64.89°; 长度方向的冲切角略大于板宽方向,总体较为对称; 设计的试验方法符合钩头螺栓连接的受力特点,通过跨中节点试验与有限元模拟相结合,得到端部节点的抗冲切承载力约为跨中节点抗冲切承载力的73%,可以认为随着节点位置与板端距离的增加,冲切锥体体积及周长将会增大,从而提升冲切峰值荷载。
In order to understand the mechanical properties of the joints, the out-of-plane load test and finite element simulation of 13 ALC wall panel joints with hook head bolts were carried out. The results show that for autoclaved aerated concrete wall panels connected with hook head bolts, under the action of wind load out-of-plane suction or horizontal earthquake to the outside of the wall board, the load is transferred through the gasket, and the punching failure is finally formed. The whole failure process can be divided into linear stage, cracking stage and final failure stage. The punching shear bearing capacity will increase with the increase of transverse reinforcement quantity or the decrease of reinforcement spacing in the joint area. The thickness of wallboard can obviously affect the punching shear bearing capacity. The configuration of punching short reinforcement is an effective way to improve the punching shear resistance capacity. Node failure occurs at a certain angle around the gasket. The punching failure angle in the length direction of the plate varies between 67.23°-71.07°, with an average value of 69.35°. The punching angle in the width direction of the plate varies between 61.67°-68.42°, with an average value of 64.89°. The punching angle in the length direction is slightly larger than the plate width direction, and the total is more symmetrical. The test method designed accords with the force characteristics of hook bolt connection. By combining the cross-middle node test with finite element simulation, the punching shear capacity of the end joint is about 73% of the punching shear capacity of the middle-span joint. It can be considered that the punching cone volume and circumference will increase with the increase of the distance between the joint position and the plate end.


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