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 XIE Jianhe,LI Liming,HUANG Junjian,et al.State-of-the-art review on influence of retarders on performance of alkali-activated materials[J].Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering,2023,40(05):20-31.[doi:10.19815/j.jace.2021.12074]





State-of-the-art review on influence of retarders on performance of alkali-activated materials
谢建和,李丽明,黄俊健,冯 源,张佰发
(广东工业大学 土木与交通工程学院,广东 广州 510006)
XIE Jianhe, LI Liming, HUANG Junjian, FENG Yuan, ZHANG Baifa
(School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou 510006, Guangdong, China)
碱激发材料 缓凝剂 凝结时间 流动性 抗压强度
alkali-activated material retarder setting time fluidity compressive strength
以工程中常见的缓凝剂为研究对象,探讨了缓凝剂在碱激发胶凝材料(AAM)体系中的作用机理; 通过建立国内外现有文献的试验数据库,阐明了缓凝剂对AAM凝结时间、流动性和抗压强度等性能的影响规律; 评价了缓凝剂对环境的影响,并对适用于AAM的缓凝剂进行成本分析,为缓凝剂在AAM工程应用中的有效性及适用性提供了参考依据; 指出了现有研究的不足,给出了AAM缓凝剂进一步研究的方向。结果表明:钡盐、锌盐、BCH、VAE乳液和硼砂缓凝效果良好,其中钡盐和锌盐缓凝效果较为显著,而且凝结时间随着使用掺量的提高而延长; 适量的氯化钡和硼砂能够略微提高AAM的流动性,而葡萄糖酸钠虽然不能高效延长AAM凝结时间,但能够极大地提高流动性; 适量掺入钡盐、锌盐、硼砂和磷酸及磷酸盐不会对强度造成重要影响,但当掺量超过5%时,钡盐和锌盐会造成AAM严重的抗压强度损失; AAM对重金属具有出色的固化效果,所以掺入适量带重金属离子缓凝剂后的AAM不会对环境造成危害; 当采用缓凝剂调节矿渣基地聚物混凝土凝结时间时,为达到同样缓凝效果,氯化钡使用成本分别为硝酸锌和硝酸钡使用成本的0.47倍和0.4倍。
Taking common retarders in engineering as the research object, the reaction mechanism of retarders in alkaline-activated materials(AAM)system was discussed. By establishing an experimental database of existing literature both domestically and internationally, the influence of retarders on the properties of AAM, such as setting time, fluidity, and compressive strength, was elucidated. The impact of retarders on the environment was evaluated and a cost analysis of retarders suitable for AAM was conducted, providing a reference for the effectiveness and applicability of retarders in AAM engineering applications. The shortcomings of existing research were pointed out and the directions for further research on AAM retarders were provided. The results show that barium salt, zinc salt, BCH, VAE emulsion and borax have good retarding effects, among which barium salt and zinc salt have significant retarding effects, and the setting time increases with the increase of the dosage. An appropriate amount of barium chloride and borax can slightly improve the fluidity of AAM. Although sodium gluconate cannot effectively prolong the setting time of AAM, it can greatly improve fluidity. Moderate addition of barium salt, zinc salt, borax, phosphoric acid, and phosphate will not have a significant impact on the strength, but when the dosage exceeds 5%, barium salt and zinc salt will cause serious compressive strength loss of AAM. AAM has excellent solidification effect on heavy metals, so AAM mixed with an apporopriate amount of heavy metal ion retarders will not cause harm to the environment. When using a retarder to regulate the setting time of slag based polymer concrete, in order to achieve the same retarding effect, the cost of using barium chloride is 0.47 times that of zinc nitrate and 0.4 times that of barium nitrate, respectively.


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