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Experiment on Fatigue Flexural Behaviors of Hybrid Reinforced Concrete Beams(PDF)


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Experiment on Fatigue Flexural Behaviors of Hybrid Reinforced Concrete Beams
ZHU Peng XU Jia-jing QU Wen-jun
(College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China)
hybrid reinforced concrete beam FRP bar fatigue test flexural stiffness
In order to study the fatigue flexural behaviors of hybrid(combination of FRP bars and steel bars)reinforced concrete beam, four beams(one beam was subjected to static loading and three beams were subjected to fatigue loading)were designed, and the fatigue test was carried out. The results show that the fatigue failure of the specimen starts with fatigue fracture of one tension steel bar, followed by the broken or matrix stripping of GFRP bars, and ends with concrete crushing at the top. One or two major cracks occur when flexural fatigue failure occurs. The fatigue fracture surface of steel bars is smooth, and no yielding or necking occurs. The fatigue failure mode of GFRP bars is different with the broomlike failure mode in static tensile test. The irrecoverable residual deflection of component occurs after fatigue loading. The residual deflection increases with the upper limit of fatigue loading and fatigue cycles. Cracks propagate along the existing cracks, and no new crack occurs in the pure bending zone during fatigue process. The calculation values of flexural stiffness based on effective moment of inertia and the calculations values of flexural stiffness based on stiffness analytic method are both larger than the test results, which is unsafe. The relative deviation of proposed flexural stiffness based on EN 1992-1-1:2004 is less than 10%, and the calculation values of flexural stiffness are less than the test results and safer.


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