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Surface Settlement Law of Double-line Tunnel Based on DEM(PDF)


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Surface Settlement Law of Double-line Tunnel Based on DEM
RUI Rui1 WANG Lei1 TU Shu-jie1 WANG Kang-yu2
(1. School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, China; 2. School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310023, Zhejiang, China)
double-line tunnel surface settlement DEM Trapdoor test Peck formula
In order to study the law of surface settlement caused by tunnel excavation, the Trapdoor test was simulated using PFC2D software, and the surface settlement law and its influencing factors caused by double-line tunnel excavation were systematically studied by subsidence door sinking. The calculating parameters of numerical model were gotten based on repose angle test and single Trapdoor model test. The surface settlement curve was obtained by carrying out single Trapdoor numerical test, and Peck formula parameters of surface settlement caused by single-line tunnel excavation were fitted. The double Trapdoor numerical experiment of simultaneous excavation was carried out. The prediction formula of surface settlement caused by double-line tunnel excavation was obtained by superposition of single Trapdoor parameters, and the fitting results were compared with those of simple superposition formula. Finally, the double Trapdoor numerical experiments of excavation were carried out, and the influences of tunnel spacing, depth and excavation sequence of double-line tunnels on surface settlement were revealed. The results show that with the increase of tunnel depth and the decrease of tunnel spacing, the surface settlement curve transits from “W”shape to “V”shape. The surface settlement curves caused by double-line tunnels under excavation conditions are asymmetrical, and the maximum surface settlement occurs on the side of the first tunnel. With the increase of tunnel burial depth, the difference of maximum value between two sides of surface settlement curve tends to increase. The fitting results of Peck formula are in good agreement with DEM numerical model and model test results. It can be used to predict surface settlement caused by double-track tunnel excavation, and has important theoretical guidance and engineering significance.


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