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Mechanical Property of Integral Bridge Supported by Different Types of Pile Foundations(PDF)


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Mechanical Property of Integral Bridge Supported by Different Types of Pile Foundations
LUO Xiao-ye1 CHEN Bao-chun1 HUANG Fu-yun1 GUO Wei-qiang1 SHAN Yu-lin1 ZHUANG Yi-zhou2
1. College of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350116, Fujian, China; 2. College of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310014, Zhejiang, China
integral bridge pile foundation mechanical property dynamic load test parameter analysis
Yongchun Shangban bridge in Fujian province was selected as the engineering background and its finite element model was established. The calculation model was validated by static and dynamic load tests on practical bridge, and then different types of pile foundations such as rectangle pile, circular pile, pre-stressed high-strength concrete(PHC)pipe pile, steel pipe pile, H-shaped steel pile, I-shaped ultra-high performance concrete(UHPC)pile and I-shaped UHPC-rectangular variable section pile were designed to support the integral abutment in the model, aiming to study the impact of different types of pile foundations on the overall mechanical properties of integral bridge. The results show that the calculated fundamental frequency of the finite element model is 5.5% lower than the measured value, and the first vibrating model is lateral drift. The vertical deflection of the main beam under the action of vehicle eccentric load and medium load is consistent with the measured deflection, which verifies the rationality of the finite element model. With the increase of the overall temperature, the maximum positive and negative bending moments and shear forces of the main beam and pile foundation of the integral bridge supported by different types of pile foundation increase, the vertical deflection of the main beam decreases, and the horizontal displacement of the beam end also shows an obvious growth trend. Under the same temperature load, different types of pile foundation under the integral abutment have little effect on the horizontal displacement of the beam end. The significant deformation area of pile body mainly occurs in 0-6.4D(D is pile diameter)buried depth, which can be ignored in larger buried depth, showing the deformation performance of flexible pile. With the increase of the bending rigidity of the upper UHPC section of the variable section pile, the maximum positive and negative bending moments of the main beam and the maximum bending moments of the pile shaft increase significantly, and the horizontal deformation of the pile top decreases significantly. With the increase of the length of the upper UHPC pile section, the maximum positive and negative bending moment of the main beam and the maximum bending moment of the pile body first show an obvious growth trend, and then basically tend to be stable, and the horizontal deformation of pile top first decreases and then tends to be stable. The length of the upper UHPC pile section is generally taken as 36% of the total length of the pile foundation, which is better for the overall bridge girder and pile foundation, and is the economic length of the UHPC pile section. When the temperature difference is less than 15 ℃, the influence of different types of pile foundation on the stress of main beam and pile foundation is not significant. As the temperature difference continues to increase, when H-shaped steel pile, I-shaped UHPC pile or I-shaped UHPC rectangular variable section pile is used for the whole bridge, the mechanical performance of the main beam and pile foundation is better.


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