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Mechanical Characteristics of Shotcrete Arch Reinforcement Structure in Highway Tunnel(PDF)


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Mechanical Characteristics of Shotcrete Arch Reinforcement Structure in Highway Tunnel
SU Chen-hong1 AN Nan-nan2 WANG Zhi-feng2
1. Xi’an Highway Research Institute, Xi’an 710065, Shaanxi, China; 2. School of Highway, Chang’an University, Xi’an 710064, Shaanxi, China
highway tunnel shotcrete arch stress analysis numerical simulation field test
In order to understand the stress state of secondary lining and concrete arch before and after shotcrete arch reinforcement,based on the Baliguan tunnel from Hanzhong to Liuba in Shaanxi Province, the analysis model of the concrete structure of the tunnel concrete structure arch reinforcement was established by using the finite element software. Through field monitoring, the contact pressure between the secondary lining and the arch sleeve, the steel bar stress of the grid arch frame and the concrete stress of the arch were obtained. Combining the numerical simulation results with the field test results, the general stress variation law of the arch structure was obtained. The results show that the most disadvantageous load position of lining structure is located at the vault, arch shoulder and arch foot near the construction joint. Due to the influence of local deformation of lining and temperature stress, the change of arch stress presents the characteristics of “rise-drop-rise” and finally tends to be stable. The function of the arch sleeve is to control the further deformation of the secondary lining, and the load on the arch after construction is small. The reaction force of arch is far less than the stress of surrounding rock acting on lining, so the lining and arch should not be considered as a whole in stress calculation. The results of numerical simulation are similar to the distribution of the internal forces(axial force and bending moment)of the structure. The results of numerical simulation have a large error in the parts with serious lining cracks, so the field test results should be taken as the criterion.


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