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Experiment on Seismic Performance of Masonry Walls with Complex Facade Shapes(PDF)


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Experiment on Seismic Performance of Masonry Walls with Complex Facade Shapes
GUO Meng1 LI Wei-wei2 JIA Ying-jie2
(1. Institute of Building Structures, China Academy of Building Research, Beijing 100013, China; 2. School of Civil Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China)
masonry structure masonry wall complex facade shape low cycle cyclic loading test seismic performance
In order to study the seismic performance of masonry walls with complex facade shape, four masonry walls with different facade shapes were selected for 1:1 scale low cycle cyclic loading test. The main failure process and failure mode of masonry wall specimens were introduced, and the crack development laws of masonry walls with different elevations were analyzed. The differences of seismic performance such as bearing capacity, lateral stiffness and ductility of each wall were compared and analyzed. The results show that the facade shape of masonry wall(size and location of door and window openings), wall end constraint, loading direction and other factors can affect the crack development and wall failure mode. During the loading process, the masonry wall has obvious rotational deformation. The four masonry walls are all asymmetrical facade shape, the positive and negative two-way rotational deformation main body are different. There are big differences between positive and negative direction bearing capacity of masonry wall, equivalent lateral stiffness. The whole stress process of masonry wall with complex facade shape has obvious directional characteristics. The difference between positive and negative ultimate bearing capacity of some specimens is about 60%. The test results provide experimental data and reference for further research on seismic design method of masonry wall with complex facade shape.


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